EXHIBITIONS: We believe that sharing children’s art is an integral part of the their creative growth.

We believe that sharing children’s art with society is an integral part of the child’s growth as creative achievers. Further, we believe these artists deserve recognition for their work and the opportunity to develop insights about the artistic community. With the help of galleries, businesses, interior designers and developers, our students’ art is showcased each semester in high-visibility spaces that celebrate their work and contribute to the aesthetic value of the piece. When a child creates something beautiful, we believe it is imperative to celebrate it.

If your gallery/venue is interested in hosting a Project Exhibition (from one day exhibitions to month-long shows depending on your space’s availability), please contact Zoë Flood Tardino for more information about this win-win partnership and its possibilities.

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Project Exhibitions (PX)

PX 1: Summer 2010
Art Connects Gallery

PX 2: Fall 2010 & Spring 2011
Asya Geisberg Gallery

PX 3: Summer 2011
The Hole Gallery

PX 4: Summer 2012
Renee Weiler Gallery

PX 5: Fall 2012
Renee Weiler Gallery

PX 6: Spring 2013
Rio II Gallery

PX 7: Summer 2013
Asya Geisberg Gallery

PX 8: Fall 2013
New Century Artists

PX 9: Spring 2014
Fred Torres Collaborations

PX 10: Summer 2014
Gallery nine5

PX 11: Fall 2014
Denise Bibro Fine Art

PX 12: Spring 2015
Paul Kolker Collection

PX 13: Summer 2015
Foley Gallery

PX 14: Fall 2015
Gallery 151

PX 15: Spring 2016
Temple Emanu-El

PX 16: Summer 2016
Rennaisance Fine Art Gallery