ProjectArt holds free art classes for youth in 32 public libraries across New York City, Detroit and Miami.


+ To instill creative confidence in youth
+ To reinvigorate public libraries
+ To support emerging artists
+ To build community in underserved neighborhoods
+ To celebrate student’s art by holding regular student exhibitions

Class Fees

ProjectArt is 100% free for our students, their families, and our libraries.


Any child between the ages of 4 through 17 is eligible. Classes are divided into developmentally appropriate age groups: 4–7, 8–12, and 13–17 years.

Class Schedule

ProjectArt’s program arc is one year long and is divided into three trimesters:
Fall Term: October to December, 10 Weeks (1 hour/week)
Spring Term: February to May, 10 Weeks (1 hour/week)
Summer Term: July to August, 5 Weeks (2 hours/week)


Teachers design their own curriculum each trimester with the help of our programming staff. Curriculums are tailored to each community, is context-led and freshly prepared for each trimester. Our supply list include a wide array of 2D and 3D media, including but not limited to graphite, oil pastels, markers, watercolor, acrylic and tempera paint, cardboard, scrap and collage materials, air-dry clay, paper-mâché, etc.