Dalia Shevin
Knoxville Library

Dalia Shevin is a writer, printmaker, sign painter, and installation artist. An aspiring children’s public librarian, she is currently completing her Masters of Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh.

A background in both fine arts and the DIY arts community, a dedication to working towards social change and a focus upon literacy and love have always informed her visual style and community projects. Her work embraces both the playful and the profound, and seeks to support others in the creation of a more loving, courageous, creative and just world.

As a co-founder of The Tinderbox studio and performance space and the creator of the One Thousand Love Letters installation, Dalia was an active member of the arts community in Brattleboro, VT from 2003-2013, before moving to Pittsburgh. As a 2014 FINE artist in residence at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, a featured artist for Bloomfield’s Sidewall mural project, and co-host of Story Time at the Glitterbox Theater, she has been making art and collaborating on cultural events all over the city.

ProjectArt’s combination of centering libraries as vital institutions at the hearts of their communities, support for emerging artists, and the opportunity for artists to gain experience in teaching and developing arts programming led her to wonder several times, “Did they make this residency just for me?” Thrilled to be a part of ProjectArt, she deeply believes that libraries are for everyone, and that art belongs everywhere.



Jamie Earnest
Allegheny Library

Jamie Earnest is a Pittsburgh transplant from Alabama and holds a BFA in Painting from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. Her work focuses on exploring the successes, tensions and nuances of the idea of public space and domestic symbols, often tying together private space to continue a societal commentary. Jamie has shown her work both nationally and internationally in many places including Pittsburgh, New York City, Austin, Houston, Miami and Suzhou, China. Jamie has had solo exhibitions in Houston with Cindy Lisica Gallery and in Pittsburgh with The Andy Warhol Museum and the Mine Factory. She is a recipient of the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship and through this fellowship she attended the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art during summer 2015. Aside from being an artist, Jamie has a passion for teaching children to cultivate their own creative identity. She finds it incredibly rewarding and constantly refreshing to work with young creators. Jamie is excited to begin working with ProjectArt to help young imaginations grow within the Northside neighborhoods!



Jimmy Riordan
West End Library

Jimmy Riordan’s practice extends beyond the bounds of any specific field or medium. His projects have involved earth building, augmented reality, video installation and translation to name a few. All emphasizing research and Riordan’s interest in autodidactics, the self-taught and group learning. His work is often participatory and
involves collaboration with other artists, craftspeople and social scientists.

Riordan is currently working on a variety of projects exploring place and memory through curation, artist books and installation. Considering memory as a narrative that we write at the same time as we live.

Riordan produces print media and artist publications under the imprint Rabbit Rabbit Press, is the co-director of the Girdwood Summer Arts Camp, has taught for the University of Alaska and regularly participates in artist residencies in rural Alaska.

Riordan recently took part in a residency program at the Anchorage Museum’s resource center and is also curating a series of exhibitions drawing from the museums photography archives. In the last few years he has received an Individual Artist grant from the Rasmuson Foundation and an Investing in Professional Artists grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation. His artwork has been shown internationally and the bookwork comprising his Le Roman du Lièvre project can be found in the library collections of the New York MOMA and the Tate Britain.

Riordan is excited about working with the West End Library as part of this years ProjectArt program, seeing it as an opportunity to continue his work on the topic of memory in a neighborhood with a complex history and relationship to the greater Pittsburgh Area.